With the election of the new administration, the LFA will be undertaking a new strategic plan to uplift the state of football in Liberia. The strategic plan is based on the platform the current LFA President Mustapha Raji ran on during the past elections. The goal is to embark on this new strategic plan starting January 2019.


The LFA will invest more in the development of football infrastructures, women football, youth programs, and promote grassroots development in various communities.

The will utilize football development funding to enhance the development of football participation in Liberia in ensuring that participants have the opportunity to improve their talents and skills to reach their full potential.

As part of the LFA’s Football Development strategy, the following shall be undertaken:

  • Local and foreign training opportunities for administrators, coaches, referees, LFA staff members and others.
  • Organization of youth programs in Liberia.
  • Organization of an annual regional international inter-club competition called the proposed Manor River Union Cup contested between selected clubs from Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Ivory Coast.
  • Technical and financial support to clubs and other members.
  • Proposal of new projects and sponsorship opportunities to offset the outstanding payments to clubs, employees and other vendors.
  • Upgrade of existing playing facilities, construction of the LFA headquarters and creation of new playing facilities in the communities.
  • Promote women football development strategies in schools and communities (U17 and U20) categories. Ensure that more support is directed to women football leagues, scholarship for women football players and work along with players and staffers for a better life after football. Focus on building the Women national teams from the grassroots level (U14, U17 and U20). Support Women football clubs in marketing and paving the way for sponsorship.
  • Introduction of a championship league among 1st division champs, 2nd division, 3rd division and community football to create competition link in all divisions.
  • Encourage first, second, and women football clubs to play more games in the communities. This will help in attracting more fans in the communities to our football leagues and increase revenue to the clubs.
  • Decentralization and creation of slots for interested Counties in the Division 2 category that meets specified requirements.
  • Focus on the Referees and Coaches development strategies. Encourage other professionals to join the Referee and Coaching. Introduction of training and licensing of locals (New coaches) from the four football zones in Liberia.
  • Introduction and promotion of Intermediaries to represent players and clubs when deemed necessary.
  • Encourage and promote a vibrant Players Association which will duly represent the interests of players in the professional leagues.
  • Full recognition of Inter Schools sports Association (ISSA} programs and increase support to focus on Youth participation (male and female).
  • Cooperation with the MYS to consider the introduction of Women Football at the level of the National County meet.
  • Annual regional youth competition between soccer academies and youth teams (U14B, U15G, U17B/G and U20B/G).
  • Ensure that the investment of the Government of Liberia, FIFA, CAF, and other partners in the LFA facilities and sporting infrastructures are well managed and maintained.
  • Encourage and promote the activities of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia (SWAL) as it relates to reporting on the national leagues and national teams.
  • Promote and support the initiatives of the Liberia Old Timers Sports Association (LONA) programs through technical and financial assistance.
  • Support and cooperation with other partners to increase participation in football (Diaspora tournament, Ministerial competitions, Bankers competitions, Amputee football, street football etc.)
  • Encourage and promote the participation of beach football activities.
  • As managers of National teams, we will Focus on the following:
  1. Branding of the national teams.
  2. Securing sponsorship for national team programs.
  3. Timely budgetary request to the Government of Liberia to align with all approved competitions (CAF, FIFA, and WAFU, Olympic, local and International friendlies). This we believe will provide ample time for government to source funding to the national teams upon request.
  4. Securing the expertise of our former players and local coaches who meet the requirements to serve in various capacities on the national teams. These coaches shall be given additional training overseas on a rotational basis to further increase their level of expertise in coaching. The LFA in collaboration with the government will work with other coaches and further assign them in the four zones to help promote the development of new coaches and players.
  5. Youth competition from the district to county level to select the new breed of players.
  6. Improve on the football development plan and ensure that it is implemented in accordance with schedules.


We will implement series of Reform and Compliance measures in ensuring that the Liberia Football Association addresses issues of the past and avoid re-occurrence.

Working along with you, we will all ensure that the necessary amendments are made to the Statutes, Rules and Regulations that govern competitions and other laws in relations to the LFA that will improve the game of football.

Ensuring that stronger and tougher compliance measures shall be implemented to serve as a guide to Members of the Executive Committee, employees of the LFA, Players and Staff of the various National Teams, and all other members of the LFA.

As part of our Reform and Compliance strategy, we shall ensure but not limited to the following:

  • Effective and committed Executive Committee with focus aligned to our vision.
  • Well-structured standing committees to include other prominent stakeholders outside the Executive Committee of the LFA.
  • Recommend amendment to the Statutes to ensure that EC members are restricted to serve as policy makers and serve in supervisory capacities.
  • Formulation of a Standard Cooperation Agreement with the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
  • Restructuring of the Liberia Football Association secretariat.
  • Digitizing and utilizing technology (Registration, communication, local TMS).
  • Effective media, marketing and sponsorship team.
  • Recommend through advocacy for the inclusion of the following members with rights to vote at the LFA congress: Players Association, Football stakeholders (SWAL and others) and Sports Medic Association.
  • Ensuring the laws, constitution and code of ethics of members Association are respected by all of its members.
  • Promote women football in administration and further ensure gender balance in all sectors.
  • Restructure ULFASCOM and the Sub Associations to align programs and other activities.
  • Exhibit the culture of openness and transparency as it relates to compensation to key members of the Liberia Football Association (President, Vice Presidents, Secretary General, Technical Director, Executive Committee Members and members of various standing committees) where applicable.


The transformation of the Liberia Football Association into a more transparent Organization using good governance as a model. The LFA requires trustworthy people, democracy and transparency at all Levels of football governance. This is essential to further demonstrate accountability and high level of transparency.

The principles of good governance shall benefit all of us in how we engage and trust all stakeholders. Good Governance will pave the way for better management, secure a brighter future and provide sustainability.

The LFA shall commit to abide to the following principles:

  • Leadership, Direction and Supervision: Understanding roles and responsibilities in relations to:
  1. Skills and experience to implement specific task.
  2. Sensitization and applications of the laws to all members through awareness and decision making.
  3. Guarantee sustainability of all members when deemed necessary.
  4. Safeguarding the assets of the Association.
  5. Effective communications that will spread the vision of the Association and members.
  6. Listening and responding to opinions of stakeholders.
  • Core values: Welcome values and behaving with integrity by:
  1. Maintaining the highest ethical standards and avoiding conflicts of interest.
  2. Ensure that members uphold the principles of equality and diversity.
  3. Identify and manage conflict of interest that may arise.
  4. Acting in the best interest of the members and the game.
  5. Full disclosure list of related party if any.
  6. Implementation of a fully transparent tender and bidding process for all LFA projects.
  7. Respecting the “1-member 1 vote” rule to further promote equality.
  • Policies, Concepts and Procedures: Formulating policies, regulations and guidelines and control.
  1. Good internal financial, management and audit control mechanism.
  2. Promotion of good governance and integrity programs by lobbying Congress to consider the formation of a new committee: “Good Governance Committee” to serve as an advisory role with additional focus on development of good governing policies and others. This committee will comprise of (Former Presidents, Players, Coaches, Referees and other individuals).
  3. Development of strategies and other ideas to align with the vision of the Association.
  4. Setting up key objectives with time bound.
  5. Monitoring and evaluation of results.