Inaki Williams

PRESS RELEASE: Liberia to Meet with Iñaki Williams

The President of the Liberia Football Association (LFA), Musa Bility said the football association has been informed that Athletic Bilbao will meet with Liberia this weekend in Spain concerning the future of Iñaki Williams.

Mr. Bility said the club wants a meeting between the LFA and the player to discuss his future with Liberia. The meeting takes places on Saturday March 5, 2016 in Bilbao.

The meeting being called by the Spanish club followed series of communication between the LFA and the club regarding interest by Liberia to have Iñaki Williams play for the Lone Star.

Liberia is expected to be represented in the meeting by the country’s football agent in Europe Jonathan Adama Momolu and LFA 1st Vice President Musa Shannon.

A release from the LFA said the body hopes Inaki will make a decision that will see him play for the land of his mother. Williams is the son of a Liberian mother and a Ghanaian father but is a Spanish citizen by birth.

Meanwhile, the LFA said discussions are far in advance for Liberia to have a Canadian–Liberian player to feature for the national team. LFA President Musa Bility said he has personally spoken with the parents of the player and hopes a decision between the player and parents will be made soon.


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