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PRESS RELEASE: Prince Ali Backs Liberia Call for the Resignation of the FIFA Electoral Committee Head

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2016: FIFA Presidential Candidate Prince Ali of Jordan said the  suggestion by the Liberian Football Association that the head of FIFA’s Ad-Hoc Electoral Committee should step down is a valid request and in keeping with precedent.

In a press statement on Tuesday, February 9 in Dubai, Prince Ali said the precedent set by the committee chairman exactly one year ago February 9, 2015 before the last FIFA election should be followed stating that avoiding even the appearance of a conflict of interest is particularly important at time when people around the world, including players and fans, are questioning FIFA’s integrity and ethical standards.

Prince Ali believes acceding to this request would not be a mark of shame but be a sign of respect for a Member Association and an indication that FIFA has high ethical standards.

He stated the February 26 FIFA presidential election is not for the candidates, it’s for FIFA Member Associations.

“They must have full confidence that the integrity of the election is beyond question. If any Member Association has concerns about the impartiality of the electoral process, those concerns must be respected and taken seriously,” the Jordanian football guru averred.

Prince Ali announced he would stand with the President of the Liberian Football Association, Musa Bility, and stated publicly that he backs the Liberian FA Boss request for the Chairman of the Ad Hoc Elections commission to resign.

I also back his statement, “Following an unprecedented period of sustained turmoil and damage for FIFA as an institution, the fairness and integrity of the current electoral process are absolutely vital for FIFA,” Prince Ali said.

Liberia Football Association Musa Bility had called on the head of FIFA’s Ad-Hoc Electoral Committee Domenico Scala to step down from his post due to conflict of interest and issued a three-day ultimatum while promising to take the issue to the Court of Arbitration for Sports.

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