Bility Commends President Sirleaf; LFA to Commence President’s Cup

LFA president Musa Bility is commending the Liberian leader, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for her remarkable leadership over the period of the deadly Ebola outbreak spanning over 10 months.

Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, in closed collaboration with the international community, led a vibrant team of courageous health workers, social workers and community members to stop the deadly EVD.

Tomorrow, May 9, marks 42 days of zero transmission of the disease throughout Liberia. The number of days meets the WHO’s benchmark to declare an affected nation free of the virus.

The day worth celebration, said the LFA president, who spoke Friday at his Benson Street office. Bility said president Sirleaf’s leadership role has once again given the young people of Liberia a chance to play football, without fear of contracting the disease that took away more than four thousand lives.

During the epoch of the outbreak, the LFA halted all football-related activities in an apparent move to assist government to fight the menace.

Meanwhile, Bility said the President’s Cup will begin shortly after the ongoing Coca Cola tournament to commemorate the end of EVD transmission in Liberia. He said the Executive Committee of the LFA has unanimously endorsed the hosting of the competition before the start of the Cellcom National League.

The President’s Cup is poised to have up to 16 top-notch Liberian clubs from the National First Division and Second Division. The tournament would be played on a Knock-Out basis and it will also give participating clubs the platform to prepare for the National League.